Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Cinched In

ZARA White Shirt // ZARA Trafuluc Mid-rise Skinny Jeans // Public Desire Chloe Boots // Elliatt Black Corset // Marc Bale Watch // Minimalist Jewellery

My thoughts on corsets...

The beginning of the corset trend most likely started with Kim Kardashian, as she is an icon for fashion today. Layered the corsets over her t-shirts, went viral and soon every fast fashion chain store started to mass produce them.

At first, when the corset trend came into play, I was not a big fan but it slowly grew on as I saw them on Instagram. When corsets are style uniquely or differently it really is a statement and if paired nicely it can be pulled off. I paired mine with a white shirt with gold accents to compliment the gold hardware in the corset. I kept it casual with a pair of frayed jeans which I DIY'ed and perspex boots to dress it up.

The corset in the images above was bought from Style Society Boutique from the label Elliatt. I love the design of this corset as it is simple with stretchy material. If this had silver hardware it would have been perfect. The design of this corset is simply beautiful but corsets are highly uncomfortable in my opinion, as they are so constricting and hard to breathe in. Although this specific one made from a breathable material I still feel constricted. My corset will most likely not be seen anywhere on my Instagram unless it was an outfit for an event or a snap of my #ootd.

Cindy x

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Smart Layers

Review White Shirt // Country Road off Shoulder Knit // Keepsake the Label Tan Pants // Public Desire Chloe Boots // HM Belt // Minimalist Jewellery // Quay High Keys

In Winter, you obviously try to keep warm rather than be cute and freezing your butt off. But this off shoulder knit can be the best of both worlds, it cannot be worn with bare shoulders unless you want the chilling wind to freeze your shoulders ice. Layering a crisp white shirt is an essential layering tip to make this piece in your wardrobe wearable during winter (and of course...a thermal underneath that) and you'll be set to walk the cold streets of the city looking fashionable yet warm without the need for a jacket. 

If these pants aren't your thaang, these can be opted out for a pair of fitting blue denim or simple black cigarette trousers. Another option could be a mini skirt with thigh highs to keep the legs warm + a trench coat. 

Cindy x